Compliance Services

Startup investment

We’ve helped startups raise more than 7 million euro through convertible notes and equity investments.

Intellectual property

We have consolidated the IP portfolio of tech companies with trademark, industrial design and copyright protection.

Personal data

We have audited and generated personalised data protection documents for tens of projects, using the StartGDPR platform.

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The three pillars of our organisation

The Law Firm – a customer-centered fully remote law firm covering all areas relevant for technology businesses, now operational in Romania.

The Toolbox – the law firm’s services provide inspiration in building more scalable solutions for the 99% of SMEs that don’t have access to traditional legal services.

The Franchise – we are putting together group of likeminded entrepreneurial law firms around the world, that want to build a sustainable practice.

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We have entrepreneurial DNA

Our founding team is formed by individuals with experience working in business law firms, startup community management and professional association building. At this intersection lies a vision to build a legal organisation for the digital century.

We focus on the wellbeing of people

Remote work, on everyone’s productive time, makes it possible to give the optimum results to the clients we work with.

We value trust and accountability

A low-ego culture encourages challenging another colleague’s ideas or decisions, and we rely on one another to recognise mistakes and learn from them.

What Our Clients Said About Us

For a fast growing global startup, legal matters might become an issue. Because of this, we are happy to have partnered with Digital 2 Law from Day 1, and benefit from their support with all of our challenges. They are a team of skilled and trustworthy experts who can really translate ‘Legalese’ to English and viceversa.

CEO, Questo, leading gamified travel app

Digital2Law is that friend you can call quickly and from whom you know you receive a clear, concrete and fast answer, without going through a difficult process. Being at the beginning of the road in entrepreneurship, I encountered difficulties in drafting the contract so as to make sure that it is correctly written and that it offers me security. I left them an email with my needs, the contract I had at that time and, in a few days, I received a new one, perfectly corrected and completed according to my email. The same happened with the subsequent requests, the answer came quickly and completely. So happy I found them!

CEO, Web Advertising, social media marketing agency

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